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Do I need to purchase a diverter with my water butt?

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When buying a water butt, you might also want to consider investing in a diverter. Here are some frequently asked questions about diverters that might help you decide if this is the right option for you.


A diverter does just that – it diverts water from your downpipe in to your water butt. When your water butt is full, the excess water will go back down the drainpipe to prevent the water butt from overflowing.


A diverter is fitted in to your downpipe which diverts the rainwater into the water butt via a connecting hose. Some diverters (GutterMates) also have a filter in them, so that the rainwater is filtered of leaves etc before reaching your water butt.


You won’t have to worry about your water butt overflowing – a diverter will automatically send rainwater down the drain once the butt is full. A diverter can be installed at ground level, meaning that you won’t have to get up a ladder to clean your guttering out. A diverter is quick and easy to clean out – it should take 30 seconds or less!


Yes, it’s fairly easy - you have to cut a section of your drainpipe out to replace it with the diverter. You also need to drill a hole in our oak barrel water butts to attach a connecting hose.


Filtering the rainwater will protect your soakaway, butt, tank, drain or full rainwater harvesting system from expensive and time-consuming blockages. Clear gutters will help protect roof joists from wet rot. You might want the water to be filtered for a specific reason, for example, for use in your pond.


  • The hose length that the diverter is supplied with – check it’s long enough to go from your favoured position in the downpipe to your water butt.
  • The shape and circumference of your downpipe – check the diverter suits it.
  • The material of your downpipe – our diverters are not suitable for cast iron pipes.
  • The colour of your guttering – we have brown, black or white diverters if you’d like to match the colour to your guttering.

  • We stock the following diverters:

    Harcostar Universal Rain Trap Diverter

    GutterMate Rainwater Diverter & Filter in brown, black and white. We also sell a Fine Mesh Insert for the GutterMates, which gives additional filtration for specific uses, for example, if you’d like to use the water for washing your car or in a pressure washer.

    Advantages of the GutterMate:

    The GutterMate has additional advantages in that you can divert water to two places and both are filtered (this is the only diverter that you can do this with). The filter can be inspected without dismantling the diverter. Also available is a square to round adaptor for square downpipes.

    Still need help?

    A GutterMate video is available here.

    Or you can contact Outdoor Outlet on 01327 317441 or email with your questions and we'll do our best to help.

    Should I choose pneumatic or solid wheels?

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    When you’re buying a wheelbarrow, it’s worth taking a moment to consider whether pneumatic or solid tyres would be best for you, as they play a fairly important role in building the perfect wheelbarrow for your purposes.

    We offer two types of wheels: pneumatic and solid. So, what’s the difference?


    Pneumatic wheels are air-filled, in other words, inflatable.

    These are great for uneven surfaces because the air inside the tyre absorbs some of the impact of bumps and steps.

    Just like your bike when you were a kid, these tyres can puncture when you’re unlucky enough to run over sharp objects such as stones or nails. This will inevitably lead to time and money spent fixing punctures and, if repeatedly punctured, they will need to eventually be replaced.

    You will also need to check the air pressure now and again to keep them functioning well – running your wheelbarrow on a flat tyre will make it feel like harder work - it will become hard to move around and make your load feel heavier.


    Solid wheels are just that – solid - and are therefore puncture-proof and cannot deflate.

    They are harder than your standard pneumatic wheels, so if you have a lot of uneven ground or need to go up steps, this might not be the wheel for you. The pneumatic wheel soaks up those bumps and steps so might be a better choice for your garden.

    However, if you are going to be using your wheelbarrow on rough terrain where puncturing is likely, a solid wheel is a good choice - you won’t have the hassle of maintaining them.

    These wheels weigh more, making the wheelbarrow slightly heavier, however ours are foam-filled to minimise weight gain and to allow some bounce.


    So really, it's reliability versus user comfort. Take some time to consider the weight of your loads, and the terrain you will mostly be using your wheelbarrow on. If you need more help deciding what’s right for you, just ask – we’re happy to help!


    All of our wheels are premium quality that have been selected to minimise the amount of effort you need to move your loads and give smooth handling on any terrain.

    All can be bought as replacement wheels, too – just follow the links below.

    Wheelbarrow Wheel - 4PLY Pneumatic - Inc Bearings

    • Air-filled.
    • Premium 4PLY to take the heavy loads of your wheelbarrow.
    • Bearings fitted inside for ease of movement.

    Suitable for: FKK Tipping / MPK Tipping / LV2 (axel sleeve required)

    Wheelbarrow Wheel - Red Puncture-Proof

    • Puncture-proof.
    • Foam-filled.

    Suitable for: FKK Tipping / MPK Tipping / LV2 (axel sleeve required)

    Wheelbarrow Wheel - Yellow Puncture-Proof Inc Bearings

    • Puncture-proof.
    • Foam-filled.
    • Bearings inside.

    Suitable for: FKK Tipping / MPK Tipping / LV2 (axel sleeve required)

    When you’re purchasing your wheelbarrow, you’ll see a drop-down list showing you the choice of tyres available for that model, so don’t worry about choosing the ‘wrong’ one.Your bespoke barrow is then put together in our warehouse for you.

    Why buy an LV2 wheelbarrow?

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    Reviews show that customers are surprised at how much they can load in to this thing and yet it still feels light to move around. What’s the secret? It’s all in the balancing. Roto designed this wheelbarrow to be extremely well balanced, so that even with the heaviest of loads, it still feels relatively light and easy to move.

    It’s a real work horse around the stables or garden.

    “We have now purchased 2 of these wheelbarrows for our stables. We spent a lot of time looking around and finally decided on the LV2, we are glad we did and will be looking to add 1 more. Highly recommended.” Kathy Wilson (Posted on 21/11/2020)

    The hot dipped galvanised frame has been welded together to give it its’ strength, cutting down on the need for nuts and bolts. The axel of the LV2 is a marine grade stainless steel bar which the wheels run on, not only will this not rust but the smooth finish means the wheels run freely.The 250 / 300 litre trays mean you can load up massive quantities of hay / food / waste. Rotomoulding is a long, laborious process that means each and every tray is hand-finished and built to last a lifetime – you won’t find stronger. This plastic will not suffer in extreme temperatures of hot or cold, and the colour won’t fade.

    "Love the large tray and ease of moving it around. Really well designed and made." Jerry (Posted on 31/10/2020)

    The LV2 comes with twin 4-ply inflatable pneumatic wheels as standard, which can be upgraded to solid puncture-proof.

    "I decided to wait 8 months before writing this review as a lot can happen in that time. I purchased the 250 in green with solid wheels. The frame is very strong and should last many years, the tray has taken a beating in our yard but still looks as good as new, apart from a few scratches. Wheels are good, they do not look or perform like cheap wheels so I would expect them to last. It's not hard work to push around and lighter than our smaller wheelbarrow, which is half the size! I would recommend this wheelbarrow." Tom Peters (Posted on 30/03/2020)

    Find current LV2 prices on our website here:

    Invest in quality

    By Toni 1 years ago 1 comment

    Admit it, we've all driven past a sad looking water butt outside someone’s home.. It stands scruffy, jaded, neglected, bringing the rest of the house and garden down!

    Maybe this sad creature is only 3 or 4 years old but the sun has sucked the life out of it, the harsh winters have brought it to it's knees. It's only a matter of time before it is thrown away and the homeowner is off to the hardware shop to buy another..

    This sad tale will never be told of our rotomoulded rain barrels. The processes used to make them result in a sturdy, built-to-last product that have been tested over and over again in extreme temperatures. The sun won't fade them, the frosts won't crack them, they will look as good as new for many years to come .

    Why not invest in a water butt that looks smart and beautiful and stays that way? Yes, our rotomoulded butts are more expensive than a basic water butt, but you will not have to replace them in a few years time.

    In a range of sizes, from £54.95 to £175, five year warranty included:

    This is how much we believe in our water butts...

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    All of our rain barrels come with a FIVE YEAR warranty.

    Why are our water butts different? Because each one is individually roto-moulded from highly durable polyethylene and hand finished to perfection.

    This material won't be affected by sun or frost, so you won’t need to worry about weather damage - the colour won't fade over the years.

    The heavy duty polyethylene is impact resistant - it's strong and built to last.

    Despite it's strength, it is lightweight compared to wood, making it easier to move around the garden.

    All this and it looks beautiful too! You won't want to hide this water butt away - the quality will make you proud to show it off!

    We believe in our products and want you to be in safe hands, so buy with confidence from Outdoor Outlet and get the peace of mind of a five year warranty with your rain barrel.

    We are now the official UK distributor of Roto products

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    Press release from Roto:

    Roto are pleased to announce that Outdoor Outlet are now the UK distributors for their Garden and Equestrian products.

    Outdoor Outlet have been a dealer for Roto since March 2019. They have worked hard on developing their impeccable customer service and have an in-depth knowledge of the Roto products. We feel that it’s the perfect time for Roto & Outdoor Outlet to work closely together to grow the B2B side of the business and to grow the number of products available to the UK market for 2020.

    Statement from Dan Smithers – Roto UK:

    "Outdoor Outlet have put so much energy and enthusiasm in to the launch of the Roto products in the UK, we thought it would be great for their team to help other dealerships wanting to offer Roto products. The products are fantastic quality and with extended warranties to back this up, we feel it’s the right time to continue to expand into the UK market. We wish the Outdoor Outlet team the best of luck for the future."

    For more information on Outdoor Outlet and the Roto products, please visit the website You can also contact the team at to register your interest in stocking the products for 2020.

    We are now proud stockists of the Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter

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    Why do I need a filter?

    A filter can save you from problems that are expensive and time consuming to resolve:

    - The build-up of debris, moss and leaves can easily cause a blocked gutter.

    - Debris entering water butts, rain barrels and soakaways can lead to blockages. Dirt getting into your tanks and barrels leads to an inefficient and ineffective rainwater harvesting system.

    - Water build-up in the guttering can lead to the roofing felt absorbing the water, leading to mould and damp entering the house.

    - The weight of the water stuck in the guttering could pull the guttering off the house.

    - This is where the Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter comes in – it provides you with a simple yet effective solution.

    The standard practise of fitting what is called a bell or balloon type strainer in the top of the downpipe to prevent debris, leaves and moss from going down the downpipe may be done with good intentions; however, the leaves and moss collect around the strainer and block it. This means someone must climb a ladder to clean it. When fitting the Gutter Mate Filter Diverter, we recommend you remove the bell/balloon type strainer out of the top of the downpipe and allow the rain water to wash the debris down the downpipe into the Gutter Mate Filter, this goes a long way to helping prevent blockages.

    The Gutter Mate can be fitted and maintained at ground level, meaning you can avoid the dangers of climbing up ladders, making it easy for anyone of any ability to inspect -- you just look into the top and, should it be necessary, clean it out. All you do is lift off the filter top, lift out the filter basket, turn it upside down and tap it to get the debris to fall out. In less than 30 seconds, you will have cleaned the filter and replaced the parts. We recommend you inspect once a week, but it really depends on your location and the weather!

    Why is the Gutter Mate different?

    - Standard downpipe diverters have no filtration and - unlike the Gutter Mate Filter Diverter – can not be inspected or cleaned without removing the downpipe.

    - Many other filter diverters only filter the water going into the water butt or tank, the Gutter Mate filters all the water going down the downpipe, protecting soakaways.

    - The Gutter Mate is an award-winning diverter and filter which can filter all the water before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway.The innovative design prevents blockages by cleverly filtering out the debris coming down the downpipe.

    - The Gutter Mate is designed to automatically cut off the water supply to the water butt when it is full, diverting the rain back into the downpipe.

    - The Gutter Mate is recommended by leading agencies such as ‘Which?’ and ‘Waterwise’.

    If you have any questions , please feel free to get in touch. You will find these filters in the Water Butts & Rain Barrels section of the website. They are available in black, brown or white to match your guttering.

    Information in this article has been extracted from the Gutter Mate article ' The Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter - A peace of mind solution to rainwater collection'.

    Rainwater harvesting with a water butt

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    You can't have missed the recent headlines about the impending threat of a water shortage in the UK. The Environment Agency predicts that, within 25 years, England will not have enough water to meet demand. Saving water is as important as ever. And if you've ever been restricted by a garden hosepipe ban, you'll know the importance of minimising the impact of a drought on your hard-earned flowers and veggies.

    Sir James Bevan, the head of the EA, told the Waterwise Conference in 2019 that he wants to see wasting water become "as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby".

    The simple answer for your garden? A water butt collecting rainwater. Ensure your garden never goes without, and feel good about reusing a precious water source.

    Our Roto Oak Barrel Effect Water Butts come in a range of sizes. The photo shows a customers' 350 litre rain barrel standing outside the front of his house – we think it fits in to it's surroundings perfectly – and the customer says that he uses the water primarily to water his hydrangeas and rhododendrons (these plants prefer rainwater to tap water) and to top up the pond when needed.

    Why not? Save money, save water.

    Why buy rotomoulded?

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    Yes, a rotomoulded wheelbarrow is more expensive than a cheaper injection-moulded alternative, but is it worth it? Why invest in a rotomoulded product rather than a cheaper alternative?

    Have you ever bought a 'bargain' outfit only to find it looks like it's 10 years old after one wash?! Of course you have, we've all done it. And, to be honest, I keep doing it, because I love fashion and I want to buy something a bit different, a bit funky, for not much cost. Fashion is meant to be fun, and while the ecologists amongst us remind us that buying an unsustainable product is a terrible thing to do, sometimes it's nice to have that new outfit for a few weeks for not much outlay.

    But buying a wheelbarrow isn't a fun fashion fix.

    You need something that you can fill to the brim with a heavy load, but that you can still easily move around without breaking your back and that you can use and abuse for many years to come without fear of it cracking or breaking. THAT'S why you should buy rotomoulded.

    Cheaper products are made using injection / blow moulding. This is a relatively quick process whereby air is used to inflate soft plastic into a mould cavity and this is perfect for making hollow plastic containers such as bottles, jars and containers.

    Rotomoulding is a much longer, labour-intensive process where polyethylene is poured in to a heated mould and is then s-l-o-w-l-y rotated causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. Each product turns for hours and is then hand-finished in our factory to create a sturdy, quality end-product.

    Because the resulting product is made out of one piece, there are no weak spots, so your wheelbarrow or mounting step has a strong middle and corners that are virtually stress free. It is strong yet hollow – so you can have an extra-large capacity wheelbarrow, but it's still lightweight – perfect!

    Rotomoulding uses more material and the wall thickness of your wheelbarrow tray will likely be double that of a cheaper model (4-6mm), making your tray so much stronger and longer lasting.

    So why invest in rotomoulded? The simple answer is because you will only need to buy one to last for many, many years to come.

    Exciting new venture!

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    We are hugely proud to launch the new Outdoor Outlet website!

    Outdoor Outlet is a part of our ongoing retail businesses and with over 20 years of retailing experience behind us, you can trust that you will be looked after.

    We specialise in roto-moulded equestrian and gardening products.

    The outdoor market demands good quality products that will last for many years. We know that customers want to buy a wheelbarrow, feeder or jump block that withstands our harsh winters and heatwave summers. At Outdoor Outlet, we aim to be competitive on pricing while offering that little bit more. We also offer a 2 year warranty on most of our products so you have the peace of mind that we stand behind what we sell.

    Visit the website and sign up to be first to know about the latest offers!