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Why buy rotomoulded?

Why buy rotomoulded?
By Toni 1 years ago No comments

Yes, a rotomoulded wheelbarrow is more expensive than a cheaper injection-moulded alternative, but is it worth it? Why invest in a rotomoulded product rather than a cheaper alternative?

Have you ever bought a 'bargain' outfit only to find it looks like it's 10 years old after one wash?! Of course you have, we've all done it. And, to be honest, I keep doing it, because I love fashion and I want to buy something a bit different, a bit funky, for not much cost. Fashion is meant to be fun, and while the ecologists amongst us remind us that buying an unsustainable product is a terrible thing to do, sometimes it's nice to have that new outfit for a few weeks for not much outlay.

But buying a wheelbarrow isn't a fun fashion fix.

You need something that you can fill to the brim with a heavy load, but that you can still easily move around without breaking your back and that you can use and abuse for many years to come without fear of it cracking or breaking. THAT'S why you should buy rotomoulded.

Cheaper products are made using injection / blow moulding. This is a relatively quick process whereby air is used to inflate soft plastic into a mould cavity and this is perfect for making hollow plastic containers such as bottles, jars and containers.

Rotomoulding is a much longer, labour-intensive process where polyethylene is poured in to a heated mould and is then s-l-o-w-l-y rotated causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. Each product turns for hours and is then hand-finished in our factory to create a sturdy, quality end-product.

Because the resulting product is made out of one piece, there are no weak spots, so your wheelbarrow or mounting step has a strong middle and corners that are virtually stress free. It is strong yet hollow – so you can have an extra-large capacity wheelbarrow, but it's still lightweight – perfect!

Rotomoulding uses more material and the wall thickness of your wheelbarrow tray will likely be double that of a cheaper model (4-6mm), making your tray so much stronger and longer lasting.

So why invest in rotomoulded? The simple answer is because you will only need to buy one to last for many, many years to come.