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Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter & Filter - Brown

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Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter & Filter - Brown

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Product Description

The Gutter Mate Rain Diverter will recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe and is the UK's best selling and award winning Diverter & Filter.

The Gutter Mate is only rainwater diverter and rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway. The diverter then automatically shuts off the flow to the water butt or barrel when full. Collecting rainwater with the Gutter Mate is both simple and efficient, whether you are saving rainwater to a water butt, tank or a full rainwater harvesting system. Also available in brown or white.

Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter Key Product Features:

  • Protect your soakway from blockages.
  • Collects filtered rainwater which can keep your pond full of fresh water.
  • Irrigation for domestic and commercial gardens, lawns and greenhouses.
  • Collect and filters rainwater from your guttering and downpipe.
  • Not just a standard diverter. A peace of mind for your rainwater collection.
  • No ladders, no danger for enptying the leafs out as it can be fitted and maintained at ground level - quick and easy to clean.
  • Cleaning takes less than 30 seconds. 
  • The unique filter prevents expensive and time consuming blockages from occurring to your water butt, hose and soakway.
  • Super-efficient collection. Once your waterbutt or tank is full, water is automatically diverted to flow down your downpipe as normal.

Outdoor Outlet also offer the Gutter Mate in 3 different colours; black, brown and white which you can choose according to the colour of your guttering. Allowing you to find the perfect Gutter Mate to suit your guttering and downpipe, to look great in your garden. The Gutter Mate is recommended by leading agencies such as ‘WHICH?’ and ‘Waterwise’, which is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK

Benefits of the Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter and Filter

  • The only filter diverter which filters all the rainwater coming down the downpipe.
  • The only filter which allows you to use both outlets from the filter for your water collection and the water from both has been filtered.
  • Debris from the guttering is collected in the filter. Clear gutters help protect roof joists from wet rot sometimes caused by blocked, full or overflowing gutters
  • You can use either the diverter outlet or the main outlet of the Gutter Mate to save your rain water. Whichever is used the water has been filtered.
  • Gutter Mate is the best protection you can get for your soakaway or drains - as all rainwater going into either has been filtered.
  • Inspection of the filter possible without dismantling.

Whats in the Box?

  • Gutter Mate Filter Square to round adaptor for Square Downpipes
  • Blanking Cap for Diverter outlet, if needed
  • Hose Adaptor for Water Butt Screws and plugs for fitting Gutter mate to wall.
  • 500mm of hose to connect Gutter Mate to water butt or tank. 

Downpipe Sizing:

  • The GutterMate is designed to accept 68mm, 76mm and 80mm round diameter and 65mm and 75mm square downpipes

Which Gardening Review, May 2014; New Products and our verdict - James Robbins Researcher

The Guttermate fits to the wall and diverts water from a down-pipe into a water butt. It has a removable filter to catch debris washed down the pipe. I found it easy to fit, and I soon had it hooked up to my water butt. Before long it started raining. There weren't lots of leaves around, but the Guttermate did stop the small amount of debris in the gutter from getting into the butt. It was easy to remove the filter and clean out the debris. A fine-mesh insert is also available if you plan to use the water in a pressure washer. Once the butt was full, the water was diverted to flow down the down-pipe as normal. It's a simple solution that works well.

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